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Advanced Menstruation

Western Diagnosis

Advanced menstruation is when the menstrual cycle is less than 25 days or when menstruation begins at least one week early for three consecutive months.

If the menstrual period is only occasionally early, and there are no other symptoms, the menstrual cycle is not considered advanced.

Eastern Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine views this disease as a yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys, resulting in blood heat, excess internal qi and fire, and/or dysfunctions of the chongmai (flush vessel) and renmai (conception vessel). On occasion, fatigue can also impair these vessels and induce advanced menstruation.

In TCM, the manifestations of advanced menstruation are excessive amounts of bright red blood, abdominal and lower back pain, a pale red tongue, and a weak yet rapid pulse.

Treatment aims to nourish blood and clear heat. If there is any underlying disease, that disease should be treated first as it may be the ben (origin or root) of abnormal menstruation.


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