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Western Diagnosis

Allergies are an inappropriate response by the body's immune system to a substance that is not normally harmful.

The immune system is the body's complex system of controlling infection by identifying foreign invaders and mobilizing the body's white blood cells to fight them. In people with allergies, the immune system incorrectly identifies a nontoxic substance as an injurious one and the white blood cells end up doing more harm to the body than to the invader.

The substances which provoke allergic reactions are called allergens, and can include almost anything you can think of from food to mold, dust, pollen, drugs, food additives, chemicals and more.

Whatever the cause, the response to the allergen is commonly coughing, headache, hives, fatigue, itching, nasal congestion, skin rashes and wheezing.

The reason that some people are prone to allergies and others are not, is unknown. However, heredity and emotional factors such as anger, stress and depressed immune system function are often contributing factors.




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