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Western Diagnosis

Physiological amenhorrea is the normal absence of menstruation during pregnancy or lactation or following menopause.

Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menarche in a female aged 16 years or older. Secondary amenorrhea is the failure to menstruate for at least three consecutive months at any time following menarche.

Most causes amenhorrea are hypothalamic in nature and relate to a change in the release of cyclic hormones from the brain.

Eastern Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the absence of menstruation as a deficiency of the spleen and kidneys, impeding the blood flow in the uterus, or to cold coagulation.

Other possibilities include blood statis and blockage of the chongmai (flush vessel) and renmai (conception vessel), so that the normal process of properly and adequately discharging menstrual blood does not take place.

If there is any underlying disease, that disease should be treated first as it may be the ben (origin or root) of abnormal menstruation.


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