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Western Diagnosis

Candida albicans is a type of parasitic yeastlike fungus that inhabits the esophagus, genital tract, intestines, mouth and throat. Under normal circumstances, this fungus lives in a healthy balance with the other bacteria and yeasts in the body. However some conditions which compromise the immune system, including long term antibiotic therapy, or repeated antibiotic use can cause the infection also known as candidiasis.

When candida infects the vagina, it is termed vaginitis and results in a large amount of white, cheesy discharge and intense burning and itching. If candida has infected the mouth, it is called thrush and is recognized by white sores on the tongue, gums and inside the cheeks. In babies, oral thrush may appear as white spots similar to milk spots. Alternately, thrush can infect a baby's backside, looking like diaper rash.

Due to the wide variety of locations candida can grow, it can be characterized by many symptoms such as abdominal pain, acne, athlete's foot, bad breath, bladder and kidney infections, canker sores, colitis, congestion, constipation, cough, depression, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, heartburn, jock itch, muscle and joint pain, night sweats and vaginitis.

Candida can affect both men and women, but it is most common in babies and in people with compromised immune systems.



To treat candida, strengthen and enhance immune system functioning, take Resist .

To treat candida and thrush, Clear Metabolism is effective alone or in combination with the Clear Digestion formula.


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