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A World of Chinese Medicine is operated by Essential Elements, and is but one of a network of sites dedicated to the creation of a healthier world, one person at a time. By maintaining a focus on the provision of quality alternative health information in an easy to understand format, we strive to fulfill our mandate.

Sister Sites:
Currently the "A World of" alternative health network operates three sister sites to A World of Chinese Medicine, with many more under development. These sites are:

A World of Acupuncture

A World of Aromatherapy

A World of Good Health

Where Are We?

All "A World of" network sites are operated by Essential Elements. Our offices are located at:

107 Sanderson Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba CanadaR2R 1R2

Contact Us:

Inquiries regarding "A World of Chinese Medicine" can be directed to the appropriate email address below:

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