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Meditation is the process of calming the mind and making still the body to create a feeling of inner peace and well being. Too often in our increasingly hectic daily lives, we don't take the time to slow down and simply "be".

Meditation is widely recognized in cultures throughout the world for its ability to connect the mind and body to the spirit. Although meditation can be performed anywhere, it is best to practice the ritual in the same space, thus building the energy of the area. Posture is an important aspect of meditation as good posture ensures a smooth flow of oxygen and energy throughout the body. Ideally, one should feel as though they are being lifted by the head, and that the spine is fully extended. This position is best accommodated by sitting, or walking, as lying down can induce sleep during meditation.

Begin the meditation by sitting comfortably (preferably in a cross legged position if possible). Check your posture carefully before beginning. Holding the thumb and forefinger of each hand in a traditional meditative pose signals the mind that you are now entering meditation, and allows the energy in the body to flow continuously.

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