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Shipping Information

In Canada and the United States, if the total cost of your order is greater than $100, we will ship your order expedited/surface parcel free of charge. This offer applies to orders going to one delivery address. Where multiple delivery addresses are requested, we will provide this service for one delivery address only. If your order is less than $100, the following shipping options are available:

In Canada
Shipping Method
Speed of Service
Expedited Parcel
3-8 business days
$2.99 Cdn
2-3 business days
$7.99 Cdn
Priority Courier
1 business day
$15.99 Cdn
In the United States
Shipping Method
Speed of Service
Surface Parcel
7-16 business days
$2.99 US
Air Parcel
4-8 business days
$7.99 US
2-5 business days
$11.99 US
International Orders

Shipping of orders outside North America will be quoted on an individual basis. You will be contacted via email when your order is received to approve shipping charges prior to the order being sent.

If you have any questions, please contact us!


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