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A Guide to Chinese Medicine Information & Products

Chinese Medicine is one of the world's oldest, and most popular traditional forms of healing. To this day, millions of people around the world practice this effective healing practice. Traditional Chinese Medicine has captured the interest of individuals, and professionals alike.

A World of Chinese Medicine offers its visitors a full array of information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as an assortment of premium quality products, selected for their renowned ability to assist with many common western illnesses.

Our formulas are presented by the Green Medicine Company of Australia. With herbal sources direct from China, and modern manufacturing and packaging plants located in Australia, Green Medicine products are considered the very best of today's Chinese Medicine product lines.

Many of the Green Medicine products have achieved DIN number status in Canada, a process that requires significant testing and documentation as to effectiveness prior to being considered eligible - yet another indicator of the high quality of their Chinese Medicine products line.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Products

Our selection of Chinese Medicine information is accessible via the links on the left, as well. Or, you may wish to begin viewing our chinese medicine information at the introduction page, located here:

Chinese Medicine Information

At A World of Chinese Medicine, you can learn about traditional methods of diagnosis, or develop a further understanding of the general concepts surrounding traditional chinese medicine. Our information has been assembled in layman's terms, to ensure our client's ability to educate themselves with the selection of quality information provided.

If you would prefer to start at our main page, please click on the link below to enter A World of Chinese Medicine. Begin your journey to the internet's best source for Traditional Chinese Medicine products, and information.

We welcome you to the experience...

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