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May we recommend an alternative female health formula.

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Used to relieve the following conditions
  • aching legs or lower back
  • breast tenderness and/or swelling
  • changes in menstrual cycle (lighter or heavier flow)
  • dizziness
  • emotional hypersensitivity
  • endometriosis
  • excessive or irregular menstrual bleeding
  • fibroid cysts
  • headaches
  • iron deficiency
  • menstrual pain and cramps
  • premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • pre menopause irregularity of cycle
  • vitamin E deficiency

PMS is an alarmingly common issue with women of all ages, resulting in symptoms such as discomfort in the abdomen, lower back, legs, breasts, as well as exhaustion, irritability, headaches, and depression. Clear PMS is based on a famous gynaecological formula known as "Hei Xiao Yao San", and is renowned for its ability to entirely relieve the sufferer of pain, discomfort and distress.


"I prescribed CLEAR PMS to a 28 year old patient who had suffered from severe PMS for the past six years. After taking Clear PMS for only 30 days, she was amazed at the great improvement in her moods. She was thrilled that in the process her hair and skin had become much healthier. She is now devoted to the product!" Dr. Madeleine Lovel

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Ingredients of this formula and their effects
Bupleurum Chinensis - Chai Hu
Acts as a nervous system sedative. Its analgesic, antipyretic and spasmolytic properties alleviate the pain, spasms and inflammation associated with menstrual irregularities. It regulates menstrual disorders through its action as a pituitary adrenocortical stimulant.
Angelica Sinensis - Dang Gui
A major ingredient in all Chinese gynaecological formulas, Angelica Sinensis is able to counteract a wide range of menstrual problems. It stimulates the endocrine system, enhancing the levels of hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. It has a direct effect on the uterus, alleviating menstrual cramps, spasms and pain. It nourishes and moves the blood and is an important herb in the regulation of menstruation, indicated for abdominal pain and functional bleeding. Also helps prevent pain caused by clotting.
Paeonia Albiflora - Bai Shao
Alleviates cramping and spasms, it has significant antispasmodic effects
Cyperus Rotundus - Xiang Fu
Regulates menstruation and alleviates associated pain
Atractyloides Macrocephala - Bai Zhu
Promotes alimentary absorption
Poria Cocos - Fu Ling
Promotes alimentary absorption
Zingiber Officinale - Sheng Jiang
Promotes alimentary absorption, has antiemetic properties and a stomachic effect
Herba Mentha - Bo He
Has antipyretic actions and promotes diaphoresis
Glycyrrhiza Uralensis - Zhi Gan Cao
Harmonizes the actions of other herbs
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Recommended dosage for adults
  • Take 2 capsules, two to three times daily. Take from day 18, 10 days prior to commencement of menstrual cycle for two weeks. Take capsules one hour away from food.

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Cautions and contra indications
For those who have not studied TCM, it is probably safer to avoid using this product during pregnancy.


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