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Used to relieve the following conditions

Clear Sinus is based on a traditional Chinese formula known as "Cang Er San", and is proven effective in treating acute and chronic sinusitis and rhinitis. The formula is comprised of a large number of herbs with broad spectrum anti-infective, immune stimulant, and anti-inflammatory actions, as well as pain relieving effects to clear headaches often associated with chronic sinusitis. Clear Sinus is also extremely useful for people suffering from allergic responses as a result of environmental, dietary and stress factors.


"A female client had suffered from severe sinusitis and chronic headaches for over 20 years. She challenged me with "nothing has worked". I prescribed her Clear Sinus. After three days, she returned, saying that it had all cleared up, and "what a blessing" it was to be able to breathe freely without congestion or pain. She continues to take the formula when she requires it." Diane Connell BSc, Dip Ac, AESO, AAcA Lotus Natural Medicine

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Ingredients of this formula and their effects
Fructus Xanthii
Nasal decongestant, acts as an antitussive and stimulates normal respiratory function. Has a moderate inhibitory action against Staphyloccus Arueus and Diplococcus Pneumoniae. It is an important herb in the treatment of sinusitis and chronic allergic rhinitis and has significant anti-bacterial actions against gram positive bacteria. Also acts as a decongestant.
Radix Angelicae
Is a sudorific and is traditionally indicated for headache, occular irritation and rhinnorhea. The herb has analgesic and mild sedative effects as well as antibacterial and antifungal effects. It effectively treats nasal congestion and rhinnorhea, opening and clearing the orifices.
Glycyrrhiza Uralensis - Gan Cao
This herb has immune regulating qualities which alleviate allergic reactions. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and antiseptic properties. It is valued as a demulcent for moistening dryness in the bronchial tract and is a known anti-allergic and detoxicant.
Fructus Magnolia Liliflora - Xin Yi Hua
Is an important herb for treating acute and chronic sinusitis with discharge. Magnolia liliflora has a high essential oil content which contributes to its power as a mucosal restorative, decongestant and antiseptic to the sinus and nasal passages, relieving congestion. The anti-inflammatory action resembles that of hydrocortisone. From the similarity of its chemical structure and the actions of its electrolyte hormones it is regarded as having a similar steroid like anti-inflammatory effect.
Forsythia Suspensa - Lian Qiao
Utilised for its broad spectrum anti-infective, immune stimulant and anti-inflammatory actions, this is ideal for treating acute inflammatory and infectious forms of pathology.
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Recommended dosage for adults
  • Take 2 capsules, two to three times daily

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Cautions and contra indications
None known


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