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Used to relieve the following conditions
Clear the Way is based on the ancient Chinese formula known as "Sang Ju Gan Mau", and is said to effectively address the signs and symptoms associated with the common cold and influenza. The herbs within this revered formula contributes to strong antiviral, antipyretic, antibiotic and expectorant actions, and are known to alleviate the condition within the first few hours of treatment.

"A 47 year old woman was suffering from viral flu with aching muscles, glands, and sinuses, a very sore throat, severe headache, nausea, and fatigue. She was prescribed a double dose of CLEAR THE WAY every four hours. After the second dose she was feeling better, and after 24 hours she was virtually symptom free." R. Warner, MRO, Osteopath

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Ingredients of this formula and their effects
Herba Menthae - Bo He
Clears the head and the eyes, alleviates sore throat
Fructus Arctium Lappa - Nui Bang Zi
Clears the head and the eyes, soothes sore throat
Schizonepeta Tenuifolia - Jing Jie
Has powerful antibiotic and antipyretic actions
Forsythia Suspensa - Lian Qiao
Is a broad spectrum antibiotic, inhibiting many gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Has exhibited the actions of promoting formation of specific antibodies increasing the phagocytic function of inflammatory cells and antagonism of histamine induced inflammation. It also has antipyretic actions
Chrysanthemum Morifolium - Ju Hua
Has antipyretic actions and alleviates fever, headaches and disperses and removes toxins
Platycodon Grandiflorum - Jie Geng
Has both expectorant and antitussive actions, circulates the lung energy and resolves phlegm and coughing. It also has known antihistamine actions. Has a marked expectorant action and increases mucous secretion in the respiratory tract, diluting the sputum for easy expectoration. It is widely used in the treatment of common cold, cough and upper respiratory tract infections including bronchitis and pneumonia
Magnolia Liliflora - Xin Yi Hua
Assists in clearing nasal mucus and congestion
Morus Alba - Sang Ye
Alleviates coughing and has additional antibacterial effects
Glycyrrhiza Uralensis - Gan Cao
Has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties
Mentha Haplocalyx
Relieves headaches, sore throat and fever
Pueraria Lobata - Ge Gen
Has significant antipyretic actions and is effective in cases of high fever associated with common cold, influenza and upper repiratory infections
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Recommended dosage for adults
  • Take 2-3 capsules, three times daily one hour away from food

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Cautions and contra indications
None known


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