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Common Cold

Western Diagnosis

The common cold is an upper respiratory tract infection that can be caused by any of over 200 viruses. Common symptoms include aches and pains, head and chest congestion, coughing, fever, headaches and sneezing.

A healthy adult generally gets one or two colds per year that clear up within a week or so. However, if greater freqency occurs, it could be an indicator of potential immune system deficiency.

Children are much more susceptible to colds because their immune systems are not fully developed to fight all of the viruses that cause colds.

Occasionally a cold can become more serious illness such as bronchitis, flu or pneumonia.

Eastern Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the common cold and flu as a result of "external cold wind", which causes the pores of the skin to contract.

A cold with chills is a "cold" type of illness, whereas a "heat" sort of cold gives us a sore throat and high temperature.

For either type, TCM treats the cold with herbs and food to open the pores and sweat the illness out of our system.


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