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Western Diagnosis

Coughing is simply the body's mechanism for clearing secretions from the lungs, and is most often associated with upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and bronchitis.

Rarely should a cough be suppressed, unless it is disruptive to sleep or is quite severe or ongoing. In these cases, an antitussive such as dextromethorphan (DM) can be used to reduce the frequency.

In addition to coughing associated with the common cold, smokers often suffer from "smoker's cough" as the body attempts to rid the lungs of the irritation and excess mucus caused by smoking.

If the cough is extremely persistent, or produces secretions with blood in them, consult your health care practitioner for additional treatment information.

Eastern Diagnosis

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a cough can be classified into two groups: a cough which is caused by an attack of external pathogens on the lungs, or one which is the result of a functional imbalance of the internal organs.

In general terms, a cough caused by external pathogens indicates an acute, sudden disease following an exposure to wind or cold. This type of cough also comes with the symptoms of stuffy nose, nasal discharge, aversion to wind and cold, fever, and scratchy or painful throat.

Coughs due to internal injuries are an indicator of chronic diseases such as visceral and bowel disorders, and are characterized by poor appetite, loose stools, pain and fullness in the chest.


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