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Western Diagnosis

Depression is a very common problem, which is likely to be experienced by at least one third of the population during their lifetime.

Symptoms of depression vary from one person to another, and from one episode to another, however there is some commonality. Frequently there is a persistenly low mood, or feeling of being down. There may be continual tiredness, general lack of concentration and energy, loss of appetite and disturbed sleep. One may also experience feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and a loss of enjoyment in things or activities that previously brought pleasure.

In addition to the wide variety of symptoms, there is also an extensive range of causes of depression. Some of these are hormonal changes (such as those experienced during post natal depression or menopause), seasonal affective disorder or SAD and stress.

Although depression is a relatively common illness in western society, it is very important to note that ongoing or severe depression must be consulted by a physician and should not be left untreated or to self treatment.

Eastern Diagnosis

Mental illnesses such as major depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are, in Chinese medicine, diagnosed as spiritual disorders.

As such, they are recognized as serious diseases, not just a result of stress, anxiety or overwork.

Treatment often involves the use of acupuncture and herbs and in the intial stages may also include the use of western drugs (in cases where someone is suicidal or acutely psychotic). In this situation, once stability is returned, the drugs are gradually removed and TCM treatments are continued to settle the agitated or restless spirit.



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