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Retarded or Late Menstruation

Western Diagnosis

Retarded or late menstruation is a menstrual cycle which exceeds 35 days for three consecutive cycles and for which early pregnancy has been ruled out.

If the menstrual period is only occasionally late, and there are no other symptoms, the menstrual cycle is not considered retarded.

The causes of late menstruation are numerous, but are often related to other issues such as depression, menopause and hormonal imbalances.

Eastern Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine views late menstruation as being due to a constitutional deficiency, poor recovery following an illness, a deficiency of qi and blood, a deficiency of the flush and conception vessels, excess consumption of cold drinks during the menstrual period, getting soaked in the rain, or standing in water for long periods of time. In any of these situations, the result is cold-dampness accumulation in the uterus which presents as late menstruation.

In TCM, the manifestations of late menstruation are generally small amounts of dark or light colored blood, abdominal and lower back pain, a light colored tongue coating, and a thready pulse.

If there is any underlying disease, that disease should be treated first as it may be the ben (origin or root) of abnormal menstruation.


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