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Leukopenia - Low White Blood Cell Counts

Western Diagnosis

Leukopenia is an abnormal decrease in leukocyte (white blood corpuscle) levels. There are a great number of drugs that can cause leukopenia, as well as conditions such as bone marrow disorder.

In some cases, the reduction in the number of leukocytes is checked and the differential count remains normal. However at times, neutrophils (also known as polymorphonuclear leukocytes, white blood cells possessing nuclei consisting of several parts or lobes) are low and the terms neutropenia and granulocytopenia are used to describe the condition.

Eastern Diagnosis

Traditional Chinese Medicine views this disease as being related to the spleen, the source of nutrients for growth and development as well as the kidneys, which warehouse vital essence and form bone marrow.

If the patient's constitution is generally weak, has become weak due to illness, is consuming of any number of drugs or has been attacked by external pathogens, qi will become impaired.

The result is a spleen and kidney deficiency, as well as deficiencies of wei, qi, ying and blood which are all contributors to the onset of leukopenia.


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