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May we recommend an alternative immune booster

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Resist combines 17 major tonifying herbs, which are proven to enhance cellular immunity. This immune system strengthening is of great value in both reducing susceptibility to illness, and in combating situations where diseases of the immune system comprimise our body's ability to protect itself. Through activation of the immune system, Resist is also said to be of potential value for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.



"I have a patient who has breast cancer. After the surgery she had to undergo chemotherapy. When she went for the second treatment, the doctors told her that her white blood cell count was 1.8. To have chemotherapy, your white blood cell count must be at least 2.6, so she could not undergo chemo. She was very upset when she came to see me. I prescribed Resist. Three days later the doctors examined her again, and the concentration of her white blood cells was 6.7, so she could undertake the chemotherapy easily." P. Jeekel, Amsterdam

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Ingredients of this formula and their effects
Astragalus Membranaceus - Huang Qi
Improves overall blood circulation and is known to have a regulatory effect on the blood pressure. Used to supplement energy. Research has shown that this herb enhances cellular metabolism, creating more energy for cellular activities. Astragalus Membranaceus has a high saponin concentration, providing rejuvenating action on red blood cells and increased nutrient absorption in the intestine. Contains polysaccharides that increase the immunity response by stimulating the phagocytic activity of peritoneal macrophages and increases the lymphocyte transformation rate and thus specific cellular immunity. Promotes the production of interferon, preventing viral reproduction and increasing viral resistance.
Ganoderma Lucidum - Ling Zhi
Nourishes and supplements. Removes toxins from the body. Has a strong antibacterial effect. Dilates coronary arteries to increase the coronary artertial flow of the cardiovascular system. Elevates the nonidiosyncratic immune effect in the body by elevating phagocytosis of the reticulo-endothialial system. Inhibits the liberation of allergic dielectrics in order to prevent allergies
Codonopsis Pilosula - Dang Shen
Used similarly to ginseng to tonify the Lung and Spleen Qi, although it does not have the "hot" property of ginseng. Incresases red blood cell production
Atractyloides Macrocephala - Bai Zhu
Potent Qi tonic, helping to promote digestion and resist fatigue
Glycyrrhiza Uralensis - Gan Cao
Contains saponins, flavonoids and amino acids. Glycyrrhiza and its calcium salt possess a detoxifying action on bacterial toxins
Rehmannia Glutinosa - Shu Di Huang
Builds marrow, has a cardiovascular effect and supplements the liver and kidneys
Glehnia Littoralis - Sha Shen
Is a lung tonic and acts as an analgesic and antipyretic
Schisandra Chinensis - Wu Wei Zi
Strong anti-oxidant and reduces the effects of stress. Regulates the liver and improves respiratory function. Helps to modulate immune system functions, making it useful for conditions involving low immunity, auto-immune disorders and immune stress disorders.
Zingiberis Officinale - Sheng Jiang
Clears phlegm and promotes lung function
Millettia Reticulata - Ji Xue Teng
Increases white blood cell count and has an antiviral effect
Cuscuta Chinensis - Tu Si Zi
Tonifies the adrenal glands, liver and metabolic functions
Dioscorea Opposita - Shan Yao
Hormonal precursor and improves cerebral blood supply. Is known in Chinese Medicine as a potent Qi tonic
Platycodon Grandiflorum - Jie Gen
Has a marked effect as an expectorant, bronchiodilator, and improves metabolic functioning
Ligustrum Lucidum - Nu Zhen Zi
Regulates blood function, enhances circulation, and has an antagonistic action on the effects of radiation
Paeonia Albiflora - Bai Shao
Invigorates blood circulation and has an antiviral effect
Citrus Nobililis - Chen Pi
Regulates the Qi, eliminates phlegm, relieves cough and improves digestion
Zizyphi Jujubae - Da Zao
Helping to restore the body's energy after prolonged stress, this herb has a regulating and desensitizing action on the immune system, providing relief from allergies including both type I (immediate) and type IV (cell-mediated) hypersensitivity reaction disorders. Acts as a qi tonic, resolving drug toxins.
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Recommended dosage for adults
  • Take 2-3 capsules, two times daily

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Cautions and contra indications
Not to be taken with acute flu symptoms.


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